Red Buddy


My Red Buddy: Bear and Book Bundle

Firefighters work long and irregular hours, making it hard sometimes for children to understand and cope when they miss their Daddy or Mommy. Accompanied with “My Red Buddy” plush toy, this is perfect for any child who misses their Firefighter parent while he/she is at work. Read along as you see how Red Buddy can keep you company while your parent is not there – from playing with you to sitting in Daddy or Mommy’s seat at the dinner table if (s)he is running late, or coming to bed at night to keep you safe on the nights your parent can’t be home. Red Buddy also is a reminder about how much your Firefighter Daddy/Mommy loves you!

Custom 8″ plush with Firefighter details throughout. From the Firefighter flag design to the embroidered Thin Red Line paws and badge on fire helmet, Red Buddy is sure to be loved by your child. The book, with it’s rhyming words and colorful illustrations, has a story line that will help your child cope with their feelings of missing their Firefighter Daddy/Mommy while he/she is working. Book includes a page for Daddy or Mommy to write a special message in the book too, to make it extra special!

The perfect gift set for children of Firefighter families.
Bear and book bundle comes in a special custom designed box that makes it perfect for gifting, or for your children to use as Red Buddy’s “home.”

Fast shipping! Limited quantities available so act fast to bring the joy of Red Buddy to your household.

Book available in Daddy or Mommy edition!
Choose your version when purchasing.

On sale now!

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