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A Collection of Children’s Books and products for Law Enforcement and First Responder Families & Supporters.

All books created by a Law Enforcement Officer’s wife. As a Law Enforcement family, we fully support our Police and donate a portion of all sales to various Law Enforcement causes!

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Titles including Daddy, Mommy, Uncle, Aunt, and Grandparent versions of Police, Trooper, Sheriff, K9 Handler, Correctional Officer, and Deputy Constable. Also titles such as “The Best Daddies are Police Daddies,” “The Best Mommies are Police Mommies,” and “My Blue Family.” Stories also available for any audience, including the Police ABCs, “When a K9 goes to work,” activity books, coloring books, and more. First Responder books available too including “There’s a First Responder in my Family” and Firefighter family titles.

All books are available on Amazon with free shipping – Once you find the book you would like on our website, simply click the image of the book you wish to purchase and it will open the product page.

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Thank You

Thank you to our customers for their positive feedback on our books! Below are some of the many wonderful messages we have received.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We absolutely LOVE “My Daddy is a Police Officer,” I was so excited when this came out, and now it has become part of our nightly routine when my husband works.

“Thank you for writing these. I love that you are depicting law enforcement in such a positive light and making LEO children realize how much their parents love them.”

“Best. book. ever. THANK YOU for creating this. I wish I knew about this sooner.”

My husband reads this book to our kids each night before he goes to work. After the last page, my kids both give their Daddy the biggest hug and kiss. It’s so precious, and we are thankful for your book to have this new memory they share together.”

“As a woman in Law Enforcement, it is hard to come across things like this. It has become the most read book in our household.”

THANK YOU to all the men and women in Law Enforcement. Be safe always.

Thank you for visiting our page. We truly appreciate you!

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