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Join along and you will see Police words from A Through Z…“Evidence,” “Handcuffs,” “Midnight shift,” “Uniform,” to name a few…there are so many police words to know! Can you guess what each word will be? Read along to learn the Police ABC’s!A perfect children’s book outlining police terms for all letters of the alphabet with descriptions and colorful illustrations. A must have for children who enjoy Police books, for law enforcement families, or anybody looking to learn the Police ABC’s!

Ten Police Officer’s days have just begun, countdown as each one has a job to do… until they are left with one!

A great book that combines counting with a fun Police themed story line to learn about different types of jobs Police Officers do daily!

Ready to see when each officer leaves? Read along to count with The Police 123’s!

Did you ever stop and wonder, “What does a Police K9 and their handler do?” Well look no further…this is the book for you!A great way to teach your children about the different job duties of a K9 Officer and his handler and how they keep the community safe. A great read for ANY child, whether or not you have a relation to Law Enforcement 🙂

Officer Blue gets to work and is ready for the day, but before he can even have a sip of his coffee, a call comes out. The local bank is being robbed! Will Officer Blue make it on time to catch the robber? Read to find out! A children’s book part of the “Officer Blue” series depicting different calls and scenarios that Law Enforcement Officers encounter, with kid friendly rhyming wording and illustrations.

Do you have a First Responder in your family? Whether it’s a Police Officer, a Firefighter, or an EMT (…Or maybe even all three?) then this is the perfect book for you!

A children’s story about First Responders, and how they are heroes each and every day, keeping the public safe day and night. Although sometimes a First Responder Hero may miss things because of their job, their favorite thing above all is their family!

Colorful illustrations and rhyming words to make this a favorite in your child’s library!

“When you have Law Enforcement in your family, you become a part of a family that is blue…That includes Law Enforcement Officers from all around the world, and their loved ones too!”

Perfect for any children with a Law Enforcement family to make them feel proud of the family they are a part of. Read through the rhyming words as you learn about what a “Blue Family” is and why it is so special to be a part of it!

Join along as Officer Blue spends his day working as a School Resource Officer, teaching kids lessons about safety, bullying, peer pressure, and more. It’s not all just teaching though, because Officer Blue gets challenged to a basketball game by the students before he leaves. Read to hear about how his day will go, what the students will learn, and who will win the game!

A great book to reinforce the positive police/community relationship for children. Perfect for any child to read, or for School Resource Officers to bring to their classrooms. Bright colorful illustrations combined with rhyming wording is sure to be a hit in your child’s library.

“Police Officers are here to help, they take an oath to protect and serve you… they protect kids like you, your family, friends, and everyone else in the community too!”

The perfect book to teach and reinforce positive police/community relationships and show children that police officers are their friends, and there to help them when they need. Learn about how Police Officers do great and kind things each and every day for their communities, and that they are also more than just the job they do. Police Officers take an oath to serve and protect their community, and they will always be there to look out for you!

“Twas the midnight shift before Christmas, and all through the town…All the children got into their beds and laid their heads down…”

“…But not everyone was sleeping, because all across the nation, Law Enforcement Officers were reporting to their shift at the Police station”

Join in reading this fun story accompanied by bright colorful illustrations as the midnight shift officers experience an extra special job: Helping make sure all is clear for Santa to deliver his presents on this magical night. When the Officers finish their shift and arrive back home, they can’t wait to see their children’s excitement when they discover all that Santa left under the tree!

“It’s Thanksgiving Day, and the turkey is out, and a Mommy notices her children’s faces with a pout…”

“What’s wrong, the Mommy says, as she kneels to the ground… How can we be thankful when Daddy has to work and won’t be around?”

Working as a Police Officer often means working on a Holiday and being away from loved ones. Join along as a Police Officer’s children learn the true meaning of being thankful, even if they may not get to spend it with their hero. Featuring drawings within our pages submitted by Police children!

“A group of children gather to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and on this holiday they will be celebrating in an extra special way…”

“They each want to create a Valentine to bring to the Police station, a special way to say Thank You to Officers and to show appreciation!”

Join along in this fun Police-themed Valentine’s story, filled with bright colorful illustrations and a rhyming story line perfect for all kids who Back the Blue! Featuring drawings within our pages submitted by Police children!

“But for me, it’s different. When I put this vest on, I am actually working. That’s right, I have a job! I am a K9 Police Officer”

Join along as Chase, a Police K9, shares about his job working in various schools with his handler, teaches about his responsibilities and duties, rules to follow, and more! You will even learn about other K9s too and the awesome things they do!

“When you think of a superhero, you might think of a few things… like having capes, masks, special powers, or maybe even wings! …. But there’s another kind of superhero, one that’s known to wear blue, one that keeps the public safe, just like heroes do”

The newest addition to the Police Kids Books collection, this fun story helps further promote police positivity by outlining all the traits and characteristics that Police Officers have, which make them real life superheroes. Filled with bright colorful illustrations and an engaging rhyming story line, this book is sure to grasp your child’s attention while also allowing them to recognize Law Enforcement Officers as the heroes they are! This book also helps to encourage your children to be brave, strong, and kind, just like a superhero.

Featuring drawings submitted by actual children of Law Enforcement officers which are cutely embedded within the illustrations!

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